Fan Sites

The Worst

Ben Bazi, Brook Binion, and Will Bradford looking cool in a hallway.
Sending love from the other Portland.


Letty Martinez, Jenn Alva, Phanie Diaz, and Sofi Lopez looking cool on a couch.
fea (Spanish). Adjective. 1. Ugly (Girl) 2. Riot Grrl Chicana Punk from San Antonio

The Homeless Gospel Choir

Derek Zanetti looking cheesy with a shirt that matches the loud flower design of the wallpaper behind him.
A punk in Pittsburgh (no big whoop) with a guitar. Now featuring more band!

Queen Anne's Revenge

Rob Allred, Becky Clayton, Scott Sorensen, and Nick Price playing a show in High School.
Nineties High School punk! This is a memorial site for a friend.


Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Kurt Cobain, and Krist Novoselic in another corporate magazine photo shoot.
This is a restoration of my last Nirvana fan site from the 90's. Restoring this reminded me how fun these things can be and inspired me to do more of them.

What the what?

This is my version of a digital zine. It's a mix of all kinds of fan sites for bands like digital murals, presentations, games, or whatever I think would be cool to make some fan art. I'll be tinkering on all these sites frequently. I kind of see them as long-term projects that occasionally need updates and fixes. I'll definitely have very incomplete ones up too.

Each site is accessible and attempts to provide as fun an experience as when interacting without assistive technologies. For a lot of this I'm stretching my web accessibility skills since this is quite different from the more informational sites I'm use to making. So I plan to keep tweaking these experiences as I learn new skills and get feedback. If anyone would like to collaborate on accessible digital art projects I'd love to talk to you!