Captain America


3/20/20 20 years later... I did a restoration of this site for fun. Read about it here. I also went through and made the content as accessible as I could given the weird structure.

9/12/99 hello!! It's been about 5 months since i've even looked at this page. :) I don't know what i'm going to do. I'm thinking that i might do one last big update. like remodel, make all my links work, i've got a TON of songs to add to fans cover nirvana. we'll see. this will most likely never happen, pretty much because i'm so lazy. :( well, i just wanted to let the very few people that still come here know that i'm alive and you might get some attention. later.

Past Updates

A little badge that has the nirvana smiley and the words: The Top 25 nirvana web sites. Now, this being here may seem to imply this site was one of the top 25, but really it was meant to be clicked on to vote for my site and I think you'd get a different banner/badge if you had enough votes.