Fea's No Novelties album cover

The background is a very bright green, but like, a chill bright, you know?

There are shirts, pants, and shoes spread all over the album, with little paper doll tabs so you could attach them to the band members if you cut everything out.

The four band members are standing confidently in their underwear surrounded by their clothes.


Letty is standing right under the album title to the left. She has tattooed shoulders and left fore-arm.

Letty's black shorts and dark tights, ready to be cutout and attached. Letty's black shirt. It has a face on it, but I can't tell what it is. The silhouette of her hair has been cleverly removed from the shirt so that when it's attached to her body the hair will look like it's on top of the shirt. Letty's blue boots that are in the same stance as her feet so that they fit properly.
Letty has excellent deep blue hair. It goes really well with the blue boots. Also, as an editor's note, the hair on this website will cause much frustration for people trying to fit her shirt because it is necessarily on a higher layer then the shirt, so when you drag the shirt over her then try to rotate it you won't be able to because you're clicking on the hair and not the shirt. I could probably find a way to fix it, but I also enjoy the thought of people being confused while trying to complete the paper doll puzzle.


Phanie stands next to Letty with both of her arms tattooed as well as her left shin. Her hair is a short bob at her shoulders with bangs.

Phanie's black shorts also with dark tights. You can see her shin tattoo through them which looks quite cool. Phanie's t-shirt is a simple black shirt with the word chingona on it, which according to my quick search means bad ass woman in spanish slang. Phanie's black boots looking bad ass.
Phanies' right hand hanging at her side.
Phanie's left hand is on her hip in a very contrapposto cool style.


Sofi looks like she is holding an air guitar.

Sofi's purple shorts, I wish I had a pair of shorts in this same shade of purple, it's excellent. Sofi's black shirt. It has, I think, Joan Jett playing the guitar on it. Sofi's black boots with blue laces. They kind of look like the boots that boxers wear.
Sofi's right hand picking an amazing tune on her air guitar.


Jenn is standing confidently in a Fonzie pose. She has tattoos up bother her arms and across her chest.

Jenn's simple black pants. They're just tight enough that when you actually try to place them on her with the paper tabs it's really hard because you have to have it perfect to fit. Jenn's red striped shirt with a black leather jacket. It's definitely very cool looking on her. Jenn is breaking from the theme and has checkered slip on shoes. She looks ready to head to a ska show. I think the socks are the same color as the shirt.