A sports pennant on the wall that has the album name across it: Jane Doe Embryo. Perfectly fuzzy guitar blares at you as you inspect the pennant.
The Worst is spelled across the back wall with letters cut from magazines. This is the T. It has a very pretty swirl to it and the sound it makes helps me understand car engine noise enthusiasts.
T. What's that spell!? The Worst!
Sonic Youth concert poster with the text: Dunceteria Saturday February 12th. Music plays whenever you're near it.
A small old TV with two big dials and 4 small switches, and a radio antenna. It is sitting on top of a dresser and won't stop fuzzing.
A cute cat hanging over the top of an old tv meows and purrs as you pet it.
Brody Dalle sings to you from a Distillers concert poster as she plays her guitar.
A small statue of a dog sitting cross legged like a human next to the TV.
The dog's tail starts wagging as you're observing it.
A book in a stack of books with the title Girl In A Band. As you crack the cover a section of the song Girl Band from Fea starts to play.
A Please Do Not Disturb door hanger from a motel named Corpse in the Mattress Motor Lodge is hung on the wall. It has a silhouette of a man dragging an apparent corpse with a pool of blood under it.
As you watch the corpse is slowly dragged out of the picture.
A Seepeoples album or poster that has people singing to you over the sea.
William S. Burroughs peaks at you from behind a stack of books. He starts telling you a story completely unprompted.
A flickering candle in a glass jar, that as you observe it mysteriously stops flickering.
Art work on the wall. It looks like maybe an album cover with a small animal skull on it that has two curly horns.
A dog on a poster, it looks like a golden retriever. For some reason it's singing an old Sonic Youth song to you.
A Complete Kama Sutra book
Parental Advisory Explicit Content
A book either by or about Jack Kerouac
An album cover I don't recognize. It has a woman on it either being swung around by her feet by the guy in the back, or she's doing the tatanic arms out thing
A book titled Dirty Blonde. I think anyway.
A very decorative and pretty metal bed frame
A comfortable looking bed. The moment you consider getting in for a nap a large green monster pops out and loud music starts playing!
A checkered blanket
Another part of the blanket. This section appears to be soaked in drool
A pile of notebooks and sundry items on top of the bed
There is a small wooden stake that looks like the kind for vampire killin', and a small christian cross is wrapped around it. As you reach out to grap it a green arm jumps out and graps your wrist! You scream and let go of the stake. As you do the green arm lets go of you too. You whimper and scoot away from the bed.
An album is leaning against the dresser on the floor.
The record looks ready to go, you better give it a spin. As the music starts the record begins to head bang. How can a record head bang you ask? Just trust me. It can.
A decent stack of un-sleaved records on the floor. Perhaps your favorite album is in there! As you look closer to check, you can amazingly see through the stack to a spinning record on the floor that has a little Nirvana smiley face on it.